HS-1146 Ignacio Lopez

My name is Ignacio López Alemany and I am associate professor of Spanish at the Department of  Languages, Literatures and Cultures de la University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I teach courses on Spanish Literature (Medieval and Early Modern).
I am also the Director of Graduate Studies in French and Spanish at UNCG. The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers multiple graduate programs in French and Spanish such as M.A., M.A.T., M.Ed., and a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Advanced and Hispanic Cultural Studies.
I am the co-author––with J. E. Varey––of the book El teatro palaciego en Madrid: 1707-1724. Estudio y documentos (Tamesis, 2006). More recently I have published a monograph devoted to the XVIth-Century poet and musician, Luis Milán,  Ilusión áulica e imaginación caballeresca en El Cortesano de Luis Milán (UNC Press, 2013). With my colleague Jason McCloskey I have also coedited a collection of essays by an impressive roster of scholars (Anne J. Cruz, Lucia Binotti, Frederick A. de Armas, Ignacio López Alemany, Elvira Vilches, John Slater, Ana María G. Laguna, José A. Cárdenas Bunsen, E. C. Graf, and Jason McCloskey) published as Signs of Power in Habsburg Spain and the New World (Bucknell UP, 2013).
I am also the Editor of Calíope, a critical journal of poetry of Spain and the Americas during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The journal is published biannually by the Society of Renaissance & Baroque Hispanic Poetry.
Please if after reading this short bio you think I may be of any assistance to you or to your department, please let me know and send me an email. I love getting involved in all sorts of projects (the bolder the better) and share all the things I have learned along the way and learn new ones.